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W/C 23.04.2018

It seems like we're back to our usual running now and everyone is well into the groove with it all, but before you know it we'll be off again! Anyway, we hope you're enjoying the lovely weather we're having, makes a change doesn't it? So as usual this week we've got two classes from KS1 and KS2 to thank for their brilliant attendance, and we're going to see if as a school we're keeping our attendance up.


In KS1, Mrs Kelly's Class (2AK) are back on top with 99.7% WOW! How fantastic, so close but we'll give them that! In KS2 Miss Vallely's Class (6EV) have done almost as well with 99.2%, just smashing!  Both classes deserve a lot of praise for their great efforts this week, let's keep it up.


Across the whole school the attendance stood at 96.5% so we're up just a little over last week, so that's good going, hopefully we can push it ever higher next week and the week after until we're all in 100% (we can hope)


Have a great weekend, you deserve it!