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W/C 16.04.2018

Well that was a long wait wasn't it? As we've had so many short three day weeks since the end of March there hasn't really been need for full attendance reports, but we're back and we're ready to applaud some more classes for their hard work and effort for the previous week. As usual we have two classes to congratulate for their dedication and to shake it up a little, we're now going to be looking at the whole school attendance and see how we as a school are performing overall. Exciting! 


In KS1, Miss Campbell's class (RCC) have managed a great return with 98.8%, and in KS2 Mr Burke's class (6NB) achieved 98.2% a very well done indeed. Not too far off the perfect 100%, I have no doubt we'll get there in the end! Congratulation to both classes.


As a whole school we performed admirably, with whole school attendance being 96.2%. So I think everyone who contributed to that should feel proud of helping our school become better.


Hopefully this weather keeps up and we can enjoy a lovely relaxing and well deserved weekend.