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W/C 14.05.2018

Wow, a really busy week this week between the Ofsted visitation, SATs for Year 2 and Year 6, along with testing for most other classes  and recording for the Beatles tracks we've been absolutely swamped. Though the weather has been beautiful through it all, hopefully it will remain this way and we can all get a well deserved weekend's rest. So after that really challenging week we've got two classes who have performed exceptionally. 


In KS1, Miss Campbell's Class (RCC) had the highest attendance this week with 98%, not bad going at all. In KS2, Mr Hints' Class (3DH) have attained 99.7%, wow great effort so close! We can forgive them anyway.  So well done to both classes and to everyone else who has tried their very best this week, we know it's been tough. 


Also this week our overall school attendance is back up to 97.7%, so so close to that 100%. We'll get there I am sure! 


Thanks to everyone, enjoy your weekend.