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W/C 10.09.2018

It's the second week already? Wow how quickly is this term going already? It looks like we're in full swing, and as usual we have two classes from across the school to congratulate on their great attendance. 


In KS1 Mrs Kelly's Class (2AK) have managed to hold onto the top spot with 99.3% attendance for this week, fantastic keeping up that high attendance. In KS2 Mrs Craven's Class (5SC) achieved another winning score of 99.7%. We'll have to wait for next week to see if someone topples them. But for now, congratulations on everyone for their hard work and effort! 


Across the whole school we managed 97.4% which is brilliant, let's do our best to keep attendance this high for the whole year! Start as we mean to go on. Have a great weekend all! See you bright and early Monday