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W/C 08.01.2018

Wow, that holiday went really quickly, but it was definitely needed wasn't it? We hope that everyone had a cracking Christmas and has enjoyed their New Year so far. We've got another busy term ahead of us, and we hope you're coming back with renewed vigour and determination to settle down, work hard and ensure your attendance stays high. 


So to get us all off to a great start, we've got two classes to congratulate: In KS1, Miss Barrett's class (1PB) are off to a brilliant term achieving 99.3% attendance during their first week and winning in KS1. Meanwhile in KS2, Mrs Craven's class (5SC) are back to the top again managing 99.7%, what a great effort. 


We'd like to welcome you all back, it's been a tough start but it will get easier, just keep those attendances high.