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W/C 04.09.2017

Welcome back, or if you're just joining us, just welcome. Well we've had a really busy week and we're really glad that attendance has been so terrific during the first week back. Let's try and make this year the best attendance record ever, but for now we'll start with just this term. This week we want to congratulate three classrooms for their amazing attendance. 


In Early Years Miss Fryer's class (RLF) who are just starting out have done brilliantly with 100% attendance, what a great start. In KS1 Mr Hughes's class managed to get 99.6% so close to 100%, but we'll give them that, and finally in KS2 Mr Hint's class (3DH) have kept strong all week and achieved 100% attendance. Wow! 


Well we're really pleased with how attendance is progressing so far, hopefully everyone can do their part to keep attendance high, we hope you have a fantastic relaxing weekend! Thanks to all involved.