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W/C 01.10.2018

October already? We'll soon be off again, this term is shaping up to be a quick one, but before we start thinking about the half term, we have another two classes from the school to congratulate on their attendance throughout the week. 


In KS1, Miss Livingstone's class (RNL) attained 99.3% attendance for the week, which is a really good effort and strangely enough in KS2 Mr Hint's class (3DH) also achieved 99.3%, how odd! But still great attendance from both classes well done to you and to everyone who did their best attending this week. 


The whole school scored 97.2% for the week, so we're still pretty high but we can try to push that up! I'm sure we can get to 98% or above. 

Have a great weekend all!