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Walker Art Gallery

Today we went to The Walker Art Gallery. We looked at paintings that showed scenes from some Greek Myths and Legends: 'Echo and Narcissus', Venus and Anchises', Perseus and Andromeda' and 'Atalanta and Meleager'. We enjoyed hearing about how the Gods and Goddesses, who lived up on Mount Olympus, used their powers on mortals who upset them.


We felt sorry for poor Echo who couldn't tell Narcissus that she loved him because she had no voice of her own. He wouldn't love her anyway because he only loved himself.


We saw how Venus was so calm and so beautiful that Autumn turned to Spring wherever her feet stepped and lions were tamed as they walked by her side. She took pity on Anchises and instead of killing him she just made him lame in one leg!


There were so many other types of paintings to see and talk about that we could have stayed for hours and hours. Ask us which one we liked best. Now lots of us want to go back.