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Visit to Turkey - Day 3

Today  the teachers of Adana took us to the beautiful region of Cappadocia, which is a UNESCO  world  heritage site. We were up at 5.30a.m UK time and had a long 4 hour journey. The Turkish teachers, who love to sing and dance, actually started dancing on the bus. Their excuse was ‘ If you don’t play, the road never finishes!’

Cappadocia is  an amazing place with underground cities , spectacular rock formations and fairy chimney stacks . Some people actually live in the rock formations .

The underground city was part of a labyrinth of tunnels   which connected many different underground cities . Some were 20 km away from each other but still connected by the tunnels. The tunnels were built to hide from enemies in the distant past. They were amazing.

We stopped to take some photographs and saw a tree of ‘evil eyes.’ We visited some shops where they sold Turkish delight, dried fruits and a variety of different seeds including pumpkin seeds which were extremely tasty. We were then taken to a traditional pottery  shop and Cristina, one of the teachers  from Seville, made a fabulous piece of pottery.

We had our lunch in an underground cave  and then did some more exploring of the wonderful ‘fairy chimneys, which are natural rock formations which had been carved out centuries ago to make churches and houses for people to live in. The journey back was another 4 hours but we were all so tired that we fell asleep and before we knew it we were back in Adana. It was 9.30 at night and we had all had  a truly amazing day.