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Visit to Turkey - Day 2

Tuesday 14th October

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Today we visited our partner school. There was a security guard on the door and because the school was much bigger than ours it had a very big CCTV system.

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First of all we were taken to the Head teacher’s office where we met the staff from the school.  In every room in the school there was a picture of a man called Kemel Ataturk and he is seen by many Turkish people as the most important person in the History of their country.

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We had a fabulous welcome assembly where two children welcomed us to their school and we were then treated to a great performance involving music and dance.

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Every morning the children sing their national anthem, which they are very proud of.

At the teacher’s meeting we shared the excellent project work, which you completed on International languages day and then Miss Carney did a wonderful presentation on book clubs.  We then exchanged gifts. The teachers were delighted with the Liverpool and Everton flags that they were given.

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We had an amazing lunch in the staffroom, which was made by the parents in the school. The food was delicious with some of it being very spicy.

In the afternoon we were taken to old Adana town and were lucky enough to visit the new mosque.  The mosque is where Muslims pray and the Adana mosque is the second biggest in Turkey and can hold 20,000… yes 20,000 people. It was an extremely beautiful building.  We had to take our shoes off when we entered the mosque and all women had to have their heads covered.

We then saw the Roman Bridge, which is over 2000 years old before wandering into the old town and seeing some traditional Turkish craftsmen at work.

The funniest part of the day was at break time when the children went on to the playground; a big JCB was also on the playground. Mr O ‘Neill would not have been impressed with the health and safety!

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