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Transition Assembly/ Mrs. Porter - Seepur Village Project

Mrs. Porter [M.B.E.] came in to speak to the children about the work she does in the orphanage in Bangladesh and showed the children a powerpoint of how the children live. She brought in some fantastic samples of material and showed how they are worn.
The children made a banner to take back to the orphanage as a gift for the children. 

This week children from Year 2 were entertained by an excellent assembly given by the children in Year 3. After watching the Year 3's singing, dancing, acting and playing their musical instruments, the children played on the Key Stage 2 yard with their new Buddy and then visited the classrooms for a drink and a read of their Buddy Letter before going for a walk to meet the other teachers in the Juniors.

Well done to all the children. We hope the new Year 3 boys and girls will have a great year. 

To end our 10th Spanish Birthday Celebrations, all the children were given a slice of birthday cake which they enjoyed. Thanks to Mrs. Docherty for all the hard work this year to make the celebrations so successful.