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This week

 Another busy week in Year 4! We completed our 'Aboriginal Art' and learnt all about the techniques and materials the Aboriginals used in these fascinating, story telling pictures. We used tissue paper to recreate 3D versions of a traditional Aboriginal design.

With our Spanish student Aurora, Class 4TD experimented with mixing different types and sizes of solid materials,then we attempted to seperate the solids using a variety of methods - a sieve, magnet...some fingers were also spotted being used! Can you remember which solids were easier to seperate and why?

Super subtraction skills were, also, on display this week when knowledge was effectively applied in word problems. Estupendo! Keep this hard work up!

Year 4 teachers have been delighted with the progress being made in the Spanish topic of food and healthy eating. Children can express their likes and dislikes of a huge variety of foods, then say whether, in their opinion, certain foods are ' bueno o malo para la salud'. Fantastico!