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The Snowman

This week, we watched the first part of a short movie called The Snowman. It was very exciting... and not just because it was introduced by the ever fantastic David Bowie. In it, a young boy builds a snowman one cold, snowy day. At the strike of midnight when everyone in the house was asleep, the snowman magically comes to life! The boy and the snowman have fun messing around in the house but eventually the snowman gets too warm and they have to cool him off in the freezer. After that, the snowman takes hold of the boys had and off they go, flying into the sky. 


That is where our viewing ended. Our job was to write a story about what could happen next. Where could they go? What might happen? What adventures could they enjoy? We had some great ideas and wrote some fantastic stories - why not try and write your own. Look through the pictures below which tell the story so far and then continue it yourself.