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Summer Term Topics

 Our topics for this term are 
Summer 1 - Growth - animals and plants
Summer 2 - Holidays 

  • Introducing new letter blends.
  • Blending simple words in their reading.
  • Decoding more complex words using phonic strategies.
  • Spelling familiar and unfamiliar words in their independent writing.
  • Know sounds and letter names of the alphabet.
  • Be able to order the letters of the alphabet.
  • Read and understand simple sentences.
  • Understand what they read and retell the story to another person.
  • Write simple sentences which can be read by themselves and others.

  • Count reliably to 20 and beyond by rote and using objects to make sets
  • Place numerals in order from 1 to 20 and beyond.
  • Find the number that is one more or one less than a given number.
  • Addition and subtraction to 10 and beyond.
  • Estimating groups of objects.
  • Problem solving including doubling, halving and sharing objects.
  • Recognising coins and using the language of money. 
  • Recognising 2d and 3d shapes in their environment.
  • Use everyday language to talk about size, weight and capacity.

Topic Summer 1  Growth -animals and plants.

We will be discussing and learning about - 
  • How to care for growing plants.
  • Animals and their young.
  • The things that plants and animals need to help them grow.
  • Discuss things they have observed and explain why things happen.
  • Recognise similarities and differences of a variety of living things. 

Topic Summer 2 - Holidays
  • Clothes needed for a winter and summer holiday.
  • Remember holidays they have been on.
  • Discuss their own experiences of different environments and cultures.
  • Looking at information books/ computer programs about different places around the world. 
  • Find out about different methods of travel.

R.E. Topics for this term (Come and See)

Good News


Our World

Our Other Faith week will be Monday 13th May to Friday 17th May. 
We will be learning about either Hinduism or Sikhism.