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Science - Forces and Magnets

Year 3 Science - Forces and Magnets


This half term the year 3 children have been learning about forces and magnets. We have learnt about the pushes and pulls which make objects move. We have learnt about forces like gravity which don't need to be touching an object to make it move. We have also explored different types of magnets, how they work and how magnets are used in every day life.


As part of this unit, we carried out an investigation to test friction. We tested how far a toy car travelled on different surfaces to decide which surface had the most and least friction. We made sure the test was fair by using the same toy car each time and our results showed that the wooden table was the surface with the least friction because the toy car travelled the furthest on this surface. The children concluded that this was because the surface was smooth, hard and flat, whereas the grass was soft, bumpy and uneven.


You can see some picture of our investigation below... 

Science investigation to test the movement of a toy car on different surfaces