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Science and IPC - Animals including Humans and Sensational

This afternoon we have had great fun taking part in our Science experiment. Our new Science topic is ‘Animals, including Humans and our new IPC topic is ‘Sensational’.


We had five mini investigations to complete;

  1. Feely box – we had to feel around to find objects and guess what they were…but what were they hiding in?
  2. Taste – Fruit pastel challenge – Can you guess the flavour of the fruit pastel?
  3. Smell – Smell and identify the different flavour crisps.
  4. Sound quiz – Can you guess what instrument is being played?
  5. Sight challenge – In teams, one child looks at a picture and has to describe it to their teammates so that they can try and draw the picture…Will it look the same?


Have a look below to see how we got on!