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School's Parliament

Yesterday we went to the Liverpool Town Hall to find out about junior parliament and other activities for our school and city to be included in. After we pulled up in the mini bus we started walking up to the Town Hall with Mr Hughes and our fellow school councillors.

When we approached the Town Hall we found lots of other schools there including Liverpool College and St Gregory's. When we had walked up the large stair case we found a man in a posh suit, waiting to show us to our table. We got a table near the door which we then had to share with St Gregory's. The room we where in was named the Main Ball Room which was rather large. There where three big chandeliers on the ceiling that looked like they where going to fall down. Lots of pictures covered the walls with a large mirror at each end of the walls. On the table was a big, white cloth that hung over the side.

As the Lord Mayor came in we stood up to greet him, he was followed in by a tall man who was wearing a jet black suit with a bright red tie(Mr Dunn). While he was making his speech he was asking questions which were rewarded with special badges and keyrings. He was telling us about his background and how it wasn't all that great,(getting bullied in school and being in and out of care homes)!

When he had finished his talk with us we were taken down to the Council Chambers. The Lord Mayor dissapeared so Mr Dunn talked to us about the room and what it is used for. Each red chair in the room had a white card with a name of a counciller on it. People came up from different companies to talk to us(Bully Busters, Lifestyles, Salvation Army recycle with Michael etc). While the people were talking, Mr Dunn was using a red and green light that they access during normal council meetings. When the green light came on it meant that you had a minute left to speak and then when the red light came on it meant time up!!!

When we left the Council Chambers we where taken up to the Main Ball Room where we had lunch. After lunch we where talking about manifesto's and ideas on how we should improve Liverpool. Some of our ideas where... road saftey improvement, keeping Liverpool clean etc. Then the Lord Mayor called someone from each group to talk about their groups ideas, Katie went up and spoke about our ideas and everyone thought they were brilliant!

One of the ideas from the Mayor was that we do a dragons den competion were each school thinks of an idea and then the winning school gets money to make this idea happen. The Mayor suggested that the money that we make out of the idea can go to a chosen charity. Another competition the Mayor mentioned was the junior mayor. He explained that the election would be on the 15th October and that there will be a junior mayor for each month. Only one candidate can represent our school however four of us can go to the meetings. Our speech can be about two minutes long. Each junior mayor will attend all the events that the Lord Mayors goes to. It was a great day and we will remember it well!

By Katie and Sean