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Save Our Birds

This week Year 4 have been investigating persuasive writing including advertisements, letters, newspaper articles and reports.



We focused in particular on a campaign aiming to highlight the dangers to birds and wildlife caused by the destruction of an area of natural beauty, Martins Wood.


Using our persuasive 'checklist' we have produced some excellent writing in support of this campaign.


      In my opinion it would be better to save the woods for the animals and not for housing.                                                                                 It is certain that animals need woodland to live safely.                                                                                                                                           For this reason we must protect our precious greenery and save Martins Wood

     Martins Wood needs our help now more than ever !

     It is certain that if they cut down the trees we will have no oxygen.


We also used rhetorical questions to encourage our readers to think carefully about our point of view.


    Is it really worth cutting down the tress and killing all our wonderful birds?

    Is a new house really worth a life ?

    What would happen if we had no birds and no area of natural beauty?