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Read all about it !

Actually, we learnt all about it....the job of a journalist that is!

Mr Reid, a journalist with a national newspaper, visited Year 4 and shared his knowledge, stories, skills and top tips for writing, in order to help us with our current work on news report writing. 


We had prepared questions to ask and on the day asked these and many more. We found out about the main roles and responsibilities in a journalist's job, what Mr Reid enjoys most and least about his job, which news report he is most proud of, who he has interviewed and who was his favourite, plus much more.


We,also, talked about what makes a good news report, the importance of a good headline, the 5 'W's', chronological order, quotes and accurate information. We will make sure we use all of this good discussion and learning when writing our own reports this week.


Muchas gracías Mr Reid!