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Our friends from the Legion of Mary came in to tell us all about the special work that they do.  They reminded us about the special symbols there are in God's house.

What can you remember ?

  • Why do we bless ourselves with Holy Water?
  • Why do we genuflect?
  • Where is the Blessed Sacrament ?
  • Why does the special red candle never go out?
  • What do the bells tell us during the Consecration and when else do you hear bells ringing??
  • What does the white cloth symbolise in church?
  • Whose place is the priest taking during mass?

What did we learn?

Soon we will be welcoming The Legion of Mary back into school.

  • What do you remember from their last visit?
  • Why have we invited them in this month?
  • What could we ask them whilst they are here?