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Queen Elizabeth II Project

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This half term we are looking at 'Information Texts' in our English curriculum and to complement our studies we are asking the children to create their own information texts on Queen Elizabeth II. The theme has been chosen as it is very topical at the moment and information should be plentiful and easily available. For their initial task the children have been asked to collect and bring in any information they can about the queen, including for example her family, her duties, her ancestry, her life milestones, the places where she has visited, her homes (Buckingham Palace, Windsor...), etc. Photographs and drawings are needed too. The presentation of these will be discussed as we expect the children to learn and include the features of information texts in their own work. 


We ask that the children are encouraged to research the topic and gather information but that you support our efforts to avoid 'copy and paste' presentations. Downloading information at the children's level, books, newspaper articles etc will be ideal reference material for them to produce their own work.


This will be a worthwhile introduction to independent research and presentation of an information text. Thank you for your co-operation and support.