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Penguin World


A number of children in Year 4 have shown their creative side by designing their own comic series.

The comic is called 'Penguin World'



One day Peppy’s mum said “what are you going to do today?”

“I am going to search for a volcano” Peppy replied. 

“Well have your breakfast first”


When Peppy was having breakfast, his brother Scoopy stomped down the

stairs. That moment Peppy ran outside to explore for a volcano.


When Peppy was half way to the nearest volcano and he was climbing up the tree

to see the nearest volcano.

Peppy was at the volcano. Meanwhile, Scoopy was going to save Peppy because he was going to fall in!!! But what was bad about it was that Scoopy was one hour away!!!!!    


Scoopy was climbing up the volcano  he’ll have to hurry up but peppy was at the top of the volcano he has to save his brother Peppy! 


Scoopy was nearly at Peppy he called to him the volcano is going to erupt RUN RUN RUN!!!!!!!!!!    


They ran all the way home and it was time for dinner mum said “where have you been Up the volcanos?” mum said to Peppy so they never went up the volcanoes again.    


They were at home and they had fish for tea.