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Paper Sculptures/International Day

The children enjoyed making paper sculptures using their colour mixing techniques. They worked really hard and every one was different. They had made lovely displays.
Next Tuesday is our International Day and Year 3 are studying Turkey. If any child has been to Turkey on holiday and has any souvenirs please bring them into school. The children can wear clothes in the colours of the Turkish flag which are red and white or Turkish football kits. Please do not allow your child to come into school in a Liverpool Football kit. The children may be sampling food and drinks from Turkey so it is important that you return the consent form which was sent out today.
The children who expressed an interest in playing a musical instrument have had audiences this week and a letter will be sent out to all those who have been successful. Please do not purchase any instruments until your child has been given a letter.
Year 3 have all been invited to join the school choir. This takes place on Friday lunchtimes. Please encourage your child to take part.
Some children have been chosen to attend gym club on Wednesday lunchtime. As places are limited there will be two groups of 18 children from across the three classes. If your child does not have a chance to attend then they will be given priority in Year 4.