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Our Money Week Ideas



Today we had a meeting and discussed what activities we wanted to do for Money Week.  We hope our teachers and children like them!

Here are some of our ideas:


How much does a classroom cost?


Design a classroom and price it up from a price list.
Oscar Loves the new £10 note.  Design a new note that we have not already got.  Give reasons for the design.   Possibly whole school competition?  Note for KS2 and coin for KS1.
Counting coins in a bag.
Adding coins and making amounts.  
Design a shop window with items in it.  How much would it be to buy all of the items in the window.
Coin flip: Keep flipping a coin and see who wins.
Hunt the coins- hide coins and children have to find them- the team with the most money wins.
Build a money tower or pyramid.  What's the value of the coins ??
Some great ideas for you to consider.