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Nonsense Poems

This week we have been reading a nonsense poem called 'On the Ning Nang Nong' written by Spike Milligan - read it below.




We then thought of our own fantasy lands with silly, alliterative names and rewrote the first line of the poem using those place names. Read through some of our ideas below and then try to think of your own.


In the Bang Bong Bing, the giraffes go ming!
In the Ching Chang Chong, the elephants go plong!
In the Ping Pong Pang, the snakes go thang!
In the Cindy Candy Cotton, the pigs go botton!
In the Shan Shin Shar, the pig goes bar!
In the Plut Plang Pling, the cats go ting!
In the Beauty Bitty Batty, the flamingoes go clatty!
In the Totty Tatty Tetty, the sharks go fetty!
In the Loopy Lappy Lee, the lions go tee!
In the Moopy Mob Mog, the meerkats go sog!
In the Fling Flang Flong, the rabbit goes crong!