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My Maths Purple targets and challenges

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These are the lessons to help support what you are learning in class or if you want to challenge yourself to go further.
I am able to use simple formulae expressed in words

I am beginning to use simple formulae to solve problems

I am able to use and interpret coordinates in the first quadrant

I can use a range of mental methods of computation with all operations 

I can recall multiplication facts up to 10 times 10

I can quickly use division facts

I can use efficient written methods of addition and subtraction 

I can use written methods of short multiplication and division well

I am able to multiply a simple decimal by a single digit

I am able to solve problems with or without a calculator

I can check results with reference to the context or size of numbers
I can use place value to multiply and divide whole numbers by 10 or 100

I understand number patterns in multiples, factors and squares

I can recognise  proportions of a whole and use simple fractions and % to describe these

I am able to order decimals to three decimal places

I am able to develop my own strategies for solving problems

I am able to use my mathematical understanding in practical ways using money

I am able to present written work for money problems

I am able to present estimated results clearly

I am starting to estimate decimals

I am beginning to apply mathematics to solving "real life" problems

I can choose and use appropriate units and instruments (shape, space and measure)

I am able to classify and use the properties of 2-D and 3-D shapes 

I am able to make 3-D models by linking given 2-D faces or edges

I am able to translate shapes horizontally or vertically in a mirror line

I am able to rotate a simple shape or object about its centre or a vertex

I am able to read numbers on a range of measuring instruments

I am able to find perimeters of simple shapes 

I am beginning to recognise  area in simple shapes by counting and using appropriate formulae


Handling Data
I understand and can use the mode and range to describe sets of data

I am able to interpret frequency diagrams and simple line graphs

I can use Venn and Carroll diagrams to record their sort and classify information

I am able to group data, where appropriate, in equal class intervals

I can collect and record data in frequency tables