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My Maths Blue Group targets and challenges

Basic skills
I can record my maths work in writing (calculating)

I can work out which operation to use when given a problem (calculating)

I can order numbers up to 100 (numbers and the number system)

I am able to use addition and subtraction facts to 10, including money or measures

I can carry out word problems (using and applying)

I can carry out multiplications using repeated addition (calculations)

I can estimate amounts 

I can solve simple problems using counting, addition, subtraction, doubling and halving

I am able to recognise odd and even numbers in a sequence

I am able to understand place value

I can count a set of objects

I know what each digit in a number means (place value – HTU)

I am starting to understand halves and quarters 

I can multiply or share objects 

I am using add, take away, division and multiplication

I can see and carry on a sequence and explain what the sequence is
I can say what will come next in a simple number pattern and can say why
I can talk about measures (shape)

 I can talk about angles

Handling Data
I can write my results using simple lists, tables, pictograms and block graphs
Basic skills
I am starting to know some addition facts (calculating)
I can add up 2 sets of objects

I can write down my adding up and taking away (calculating)
I know number facts and doubles
I can count on and back, read, write and order up to 10 objects

I am starting to tell the time (using and applying)
I am starting to make estimates
Handling Data
I can use simple patterns in maths

I can talk about 2D and 3D shapes 

I can use a diagram to show how I have sorted objects