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Investigation Results

When we planted our broad bean seeds a few weeks ago, we also started an investigation - click here to learn more. Here are the results after 2 weeks.


The seed planted in sand is doing quite well - its growing some healthy looking leaves and is getting taller.


The seed which we are not watering took a very long time to do anything and the first shoot from it has just popped out of the dry soil... though it doesn't look too healthy.


The seed growing with no sun is getting taller and taller. It's very straight and hardly has any leaves at all - just the very first, tiny leaves at the tip of the stem. It's also very pale yellow, rather than a healthy green colour.


The seed which was just put in a jar of water swelled up and the beginning of a root grew out... but then nothing else happened.


Finally, the seed which we have been feeding coke didn't show any signs of growth and when we looked at it today, it was full of ants! We discovered that although the seed started to grow a root at first, the unhealthy chemicals and (as Ellie told us) the acid in the coke must have stopped the seed from growing any further. 


Can you predict what will happen over the next few weeks, with the 3 plants still growing? Sand, no water and no light are (for the moment) still alive... try to describe if and how they will continue to grow.