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Investigating Materials

This week we've been investigating different properties of materials. Rigid, smooth, flexible, rough, transparent and most importantly for umbrellas - waterproof. There are loads of different properties that different materials have which makes them useful. Today we have been using our understanding to solve a problem. We had 5 umbrellas with big holes in them - our job was to think of what material would be best to fill that hole and make the umbrella OK to use in the rain. We fixed our umbrellas with a range of materials. We chose - tin foil, cling film, tinsel, cardboard and sellotape.

Can you guess which ones worked well and which ones didn't?

Still image for this video

We discovered that tinfoil, cling film and sellotape all worked well and helped our umbrellas keep us dry. Cardboard was not very good and got us a little bit wet... and tinsel was terrible - poor Anna!