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Home time show and tell - 6EV

The children in 6EV have been bringing in some wonderful things from home that link with the various topics we have been covering in class. They present them at home-time to the class! :)


Ella loved our WW2 local history lesson so she brought in a picture of her Great Grandad who was in the Navy!

Picture 1

Isabella brought in her human body that has detachable organs!! The children have been learning about the human organs and their functions in Science - this was a great prop to help us understand the position of the organs in the body!

Picture 1

Olivia brought in a beautiful story book for us to read at home time - we have been learning about different genres in our Literacy lessons. The children discussed some of their favourite stories so Olivia brought hers in to share :)

Picture 1

Also, a big thank you to Phoebe for bringing the Monster Poetry book - many children from Year 6 had published poems in this and read them to the class!!