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Hispanic Week

This week we have been really busy taking part in lots of diiferent activities for Hispanic Week. 
On Monday we made some claves and shakers and decorated them with Spanish stickers and flags. Then we had our Spanish breakfast of Chocolate and Churros. In the afternoon we made some fans which we have used to decorate our classroom.
On Tuesday Bellerive came to vist and some of the older girls helped us to learn the spanish names for some of our favourite animals. Also on Tuesday we had two exiciting workshops, one was about the Rainforest were we made the ounds that are heard in the forest, using musical instruments. In the other worskshop we learnt a Cuban dance called the Cha Cha - some of us are getting ready for Strictly Come Dancing!
Today, Wednesday, we have had a visit from two Spanish teachers - one from Argentina who told us about what it is like to live in Argentina. The other was Mrs Bowers who told us the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar in Spanish.
This afternoon we had a Spanish craft workhop and we made some Spanish Matador peg dolls - we are going to put some glitter on them tomorrow before we take them home!