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Hispanic Week 2014

Hispanic Week 2014


Last week our school was involved in our annual Hispanic Week, where we all take time to explore our connections to Spanish language but also to embrace many different aspects of the Hispanic Culture. During our Hispanic Week 2014, all of the staff and children were taking part in many different activities throughout the school culminating in our annual Hispanic Day celebration where each year group performs on stage with many performing various Spanish songs  and also putting on a great show for the parents and teachers alike. 

Below find updates written during the week by Mr Carney, and also a selection of pictures that were taken during the week's activities. 
We'd like to thank everyone for fully immersing themselves in the spirit of the week and we hope they enjoyed themselves. Thank you all!

Day One

We had a fantastic opening day to begin our Hispanic week and we learnt a lot about the Hispanic culture . Activities included Hispanic music with Mrs Gallagher, a presentation by our Spanish student about Seville,Traditional Tales with Mrs Bowers,Senores Sanchez talking about a Mediterranean diet, St Julie's student workshops on Spanish vocabulary, Semana Santa prayer boxes with Mrs Pickering, we sampled some takeaway tapas and enjoyed some fabulous dancing with Movema. We have more to look forward to today !

Day Two
Another fantastic day with everyone enjoying another range of activities including flamenco guitar,samba drumming,traditional tales and semana santa prayer boxes, Hispanic craft workshops, Latin Heart Peruvian culture workshop,Hispanic art with Mr Disley,EYFS dancing with senora Montellone, and a workshop about Hispanic Carnivals. Students from ESLA worked with our chuildren sharing some Spanish music and dance . We were also delighted to welcome pupil from Barlow's primary school who joined in with some of the activities we did . 

Day Three
Today our pupils did their full dress rehearsal on the stage . Despite a few problems with the sound system the rehearsals went extremely well and everyone is looking forward to  Friday's performance for parents and invited guests.As well a sthis the key stage one children enjoyed watching some Spanish cartoons while years 3 and  5 saw the film premier of 'Don Quixote', which will be performed by year 5 on Friday . Our year 4 pupils attended some Spanish workshops in St Julie's while we were delighted to welcome some past pupils from Bellerive who did some workshops with our year 6 pupils.

Day Four
Another action packed day  with dancing from 'Dance Passion ' and some Flamenco dancing.Food was sampled with a paella making and tasting demonstration from 'La Vina' who also did some Spanish Restaurant work with our year three classes- year one sampled some take away tapas.Maria paz spoke to our year 6 children about Pamplona and especially the famous 'Bull Run!while our student from Seville spoke about his city .Bellerive former  students again visited  and took workshops  with our tear 5 pupils who then did further Hispanic workshops at ESLA during the afternoon.Another fabulous day and everyone is now looking forward to tomorrows performances by all of our children .


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