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Helping at Home

MATHS IS LIFE! You can do maths with your child anywhere!

  • Shopping – round up the prices of your items and see if you can estimate the total cost! Buying sweets – how much change will you get?
  • Travelling – work out the cost of tickets, look at timetables, cost per litre of fuel, distances…so much here!
  • Eating out – cost of so many drinks, meals etc.
  • Getting ready – if it takes you half an hour to get ready, 15 minutes for breakfast and 20 minutes to walk to school – what time do you need to get up?
  • Football match – how much for a ticket, cup of tea, burger?
  • Times tables – anywhere! Randomly ask questions to keep them thinking – competition between siblings (differentiate to be fair!)

Try to keep maths real life and help them to understand the importance of key skills!