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Flappy Bird

As part of Coding Week in school (click here to take part), in year 2 we have been working to make our own video games. Our games were based on another game called Flappy Bird which you might have heard of before. We learned about the basic principles of coding and put these to use to create our algorithms and develop some really fun games. You can see our games below - click on any of the very creative names to play.


Emily and Callum - Flappy Bird at Santa Land      Aiden and Aniela - Flappy Bat      Mrs Kelly - Flight of the Unicorn 
Danny and John - Sharknado 2      Robert and Ruby - Fish Laser      Mikey and Elizabeth - Flappy Bunny Laser 
Jack and Amy - Shark Mania      Sol and Mollie - Superman Under Sea      Gabriella and Harry - Santa Tube 
Niamh and Niamh - Flying Fish      Joe and Gabriella - Laser Santa      Adam and Katelyn - Super Santa 
Patrick and Cameron - Bird in a City     Scarlett and Thomas - Bat Run      Michael and Nya - Water Flappy 



Vanessa - Flappy Fairy      Conor and Patrick - Spaceship Goes All Over the Place      Lucy and Amber - Flappy Unicorn 
John - Splashy Fish      Amelia - Flappy Fairies      Olivia and Iona - Christmas Fairies      Mischa and Freya - Bunny Hop 
Maris and Eva - Flying Lava Santa      Sadie - Flappy Shark      Josh - Laser Shak      Liam - Flappy Batman 
Thomas - Flappy Bat      Matthew and Reece - Flappy Shark      Zack - Flappy Shark      Georgie - Flappy Random 
Oliver and Finlay - Shark Splash      Adam and Shea - Flappy Fishy      Oscar and Harvey - Batman Goes Through Laser Beams 
Kamsi - Swooshy Fish      Mr Hughes - Batcave Escape