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El dia de la paz - enero, 2015

This year, our annual celebration of 'El dia de la paz'  focused on equality and fairness and the Vatican 2015 peace theme ' No longer slaves, but brothers and sisters'. Activities across year groups promoted the day's key message and hope that...


People Everywhere Are Considered Equal.


Our school's international ambassadors led an assembly which demonstrated how we can work to achieve this hope and the reasons why all should have equal rights and respect. 


no  In EYFS, children learnt about how to be a 'fair friend' and throughout the day strengthened their understanding of how to behave and treat each other with respect. 


no  In Year 1, the children made heart cookies, symbolising God's love for us and for each other, to promote a peaceful world.


no  Year 2 children chose symbols of peace to illustrate. These included doves, a rainbow and peace handshake. The children completed two copies of their symbol as one will be sent to Year 2 children in our Spanish link school, San Jacinto. They adapted our school mission statement especially for the day to...' In our world, where everyone is special, we will love and serve as Jesus taught'.


no  Year 3 children read two stories based on fairness and equality. They also completed peace poems about how small actions can make big differences. The children all ended their poem by writing three ways in which they can promote equality and fairness.


no  Year 4 children completed poems based on a poem by James Berry ' People equal. Equal ' which highlights how people differ in personalities, but are all born equal. The children studied a true story about 'Rama', an Indian boy who was forced to work in a loom factory, but who managed to escape and now dreams of helping other children forced into child labour.  


no  Year 5 are carrying out workshops with a locally based peace organisation who will bring their attention to human rights and the resolution of conflicts through peaceful channels.


no Year 6 studied aspects of slavery, both in the past looking at Liverpool's role in the slave trade and modern day slavery. They also  prayed for peace in international areas of conflict such as Gaza and Syria.