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El Dia de la Paz

Today the children have been celebrating 'El Día de la Paz'. This is an important celebration held across all Spanish primary schools which provides children with the opportunity to reflect on various peace themes. 

As it is the year of the 20th World Cup, in St Austin's we linked our reflections to football and how this sport is used to promote peace and unite countries. During special peace assemblies, the children learnt about 'The handshake for peace'. This relates to the handshake between soldiers during the well known 'Christmas Truce' when allied and German soldiers shook hands and played a game of football on Christmas day during the conflict. This handshake has been repeated at every World Cup game since the competition began and will be during this year's competition.


Every year group of our school participated in a 'Play for Peace' penalty shoot out and raised money for CAFOD, a charity well known for its work in war torn areas of the world. Special prayers were said for the people of Syria to help them during their difficult times.

Through out the day, everyone in school wore a special white and green peace ribbon to unite and remind us all of the day's focus.


Children completed various activities in class, such as designing their own 'Peace' football strip and flags for peace. 


Well done to every one who helped to make this a special, peaceful day and raised money to help people live in peace around the world

Take a look at Year group pages to see photographs of the various activities which took place in school throughout the day.