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Dr Daniels

We welcomed Dr Damon Daniels into Year 3 to show us how he uses money and maths in his job every day. He told us all about his 'maths journey' from being a little boy in school just like us, then going to high school and after that to university, where he studied maths for ten years. That's how much he loved maths. He told us how important it was to listen and learn at school because when we grow up we too will have to use all the maths we are learning now in St Austin's. Eventually after studying maths for all those years Dr Daniels got a job and he made sure it was doing his favourite subject - MATHS!


Dr Daniels works for Eddie Stobart and he has to make sure all the lorries are packed up with as many parcels as possible for their journeys. We had a try at doing this and our 'money' for doing our jobs well was... Smarties. We had to pay for fuel and wages but we still did a good job and had lots of money (Smarties) left for ourselves.