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DKS Author Study

This week in English we have been studying books by the author Mr D King-Smith - we call him DKS for short because he has such a long name!

We discovered that he likes to write stories with animals as his main characters. Other authors, like Beatrix Potter with Peter Rabbit and Kenneth Grahame with Mole, Ratty and Toad, did this too. However DKS said he didn't want his characters to be too much like humans so he didn't put human clothes on them, they still looked just like animals should. He let their 'character' come from how they acted and what they said. We found out that he wrote over 100 books and that the queen awarded him the OBE because he was such a good author. His children have made a new website that we visited in school and you can find out a lot about him on there. We also wrote some book reviews and a biography.



We enjoyed reading DKS books