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December 2018: 'The Christmas Box'

The Christmas Box


It's Christmas Day and you and your family gather around the Christmas tree to open presents. Your mum buys your dad those new slippers he'd been pining for; your dad buys your mum the wrong perfume (again!) and, as usual, you have received everything you could possibly wish for. It's another perfect Christmas.


But, what's this? There's still one present left unwrapped. You're sure it wasn't there before. Sitting proudly underneath the tree, it is delicately wrapped and perfectly placed and nobody knows how it got there. Nobody knows who it's from.


But there's something hypnotic about it. Something about it that you sucks you in, and you can't resist the urge to open it...


What happens when you open it? What could be inside the Christmas box?



Deadline for entries: Friday 14th December