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Collective worship - Angels

This week's Collective Worship theme has been 'angels. At home, children discussed questions such as 'What is an angel?' 'where do they come from? 'What do they do?' with parents and carers, then brought their answers into class. Children, also, made links with Bible scripture in which angles are mentioned, such as Jacob's dream at Bethel - Genesis 28 v 10 and Matthew 1 v.20 in which an angel of the Lord appears to Joseph.


Children's responses...

What is an angel?

 'An angel is a messenger from God who tells of God's love', James T

' An angel is a guardian', Heidi T

' Someone that helps you', 



Where do angels come from?

' Angels come from God and live in Heaven among the stars', Mia M



'What do angels do?

' An angel looks over you and cares for you', Claudia.

 'Angels do worship and praise, are messengers, a guide, provide and protect. They, also, care for you when you die', James R

'Angels are universally known to bring comfort and love to all,' 


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