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Coding - Crossy Road


This week, we have been practicing our programming skills again and this time around we've been looking at video game design. We looked at a game called Crossy Road and then set about coding our own versions. We used a range of different programming tools including a new one - collision detection. Have a go at our games by clicking on a pair of names below. 


To move the character around, swipe them up, down, left or right. These games will only work on devices with touch screens.

Lily G and Millie N         Millie F and Ava        Frankie and Leighton        Faye and Ellie        Harry W and Gerard        Ana and Olivia        Scarlette and Jack        Harry B and Joseph        Lilia and Lily R        Luke To and Liberty Joy        Thomas and Luke Tr        Harry N and Joe        Dexter and Milo        Imogen and Amelia        Lydia and Isabella       

Maggie and Alex         Sophia and Owen        Ava and Ellis        Tom and Anthony        Amelie and Jasmine        Louise and Evie        Charlie and Jessica        Saffron and Josh        Seraphina and Shea T        Neveah and Kaima        Shea H and Maria        Jamie and Emma        Cole and Philippa