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Celebrations - Diwali

Today we started off our new topic  - celebrations. To get in the celebratory mood, we talked about all the different parties and celebrations which we have celebrated and the different types of things celebrated around the world. One celebration which we looked at in detail was the Hindu festival of Diwali. We look at traditional Diwali crafts called rangoli, which are beautiful, coloured patterns usually made with rice and sand. We had a go at making our own - have a look through the gallery below. At the end of the day we tasted some traditional Indian sweets which are eaten at Diwali - some of our favourites were gulab jamun (a kind of sweet dumpling, covered in syrup), shakar paray (which is a kind of sweet, sugary pastry) and jalebi (a sticky, orange, sugary, syrupy spiral) - we washed it all down with a delicious cup of mango juice.