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Autumn Term

Welcome to Year 3!


Welcome to Key Stage 2. We hope you enjoy being in Year 3 and want to tell you about some of the exciting things you will be learning about this term.

   Come and See

Our topics this term are :-

Homes          Promises         Visitors




In Literacy we will be paying special attention to improving our punctuation, looking at story settings and creating characters. We will also be seeing who can write and follow instructions and performing some funny poems. Lots of great stories to enjoy too!




We’ll be playing lots of games and doing practical activities to develop your maths skills. We’ll be finding different ways of adding and subtracting, telling the time and helping you to be more confident with shopping and giving change. Maybe you could start by helping with the supermarket shop! Look at the prices, how much things weigh and which are the best buys. Let us know if you find any good bargains!




‘Teeth and Healthy Eating’ is our topic for the first half term. We’ll be learning why it’s important to look after our teeth and what we should be eating if we want to have lots of energy and be healthy. We might even invite a dentist or doctor into school so we can find the answers to our questions by asking the experts!!

After half term we will learn about the properties of different materials and looking at packaging. We’ll  investigate how we can successfully send a meringue through the post!




Have you ever seen pictures of Greece? Well, soon we will be finding out about Ancient Greece! We will link this with our IPC topic of Pictures, Paintings and Photographs by visiting the Walker Art Gallery, looking at the paintings and statues and hearing some of the fantastic stories the Greeks told. We’ll even ask you to do some research and tell your classmates what you have found out.


Spanish/ P.E/Music/ Art / Design Technology


With lots of painting, cutting and sticking, Spanish lessons from Patchy and Maria Antonio, Friday P.E. lessons with Mr. Evans, Music with Miss Sweeney and your instrument teachers, we know the term is going to fly by and soon it will be C--------! ( Let’s not talk about that until December 1st!!)


We hope you have a great first term in Year 3.