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Autumn Term Topics

This half term we will be learning - 


-        letter sounds and names

-        recognising our own name

-        rhyming strings

-        hearing and saying initial sounds in words

-        giving meaning to marks they make as they draw.

-        Attempting to write some characters within their name.


-        recognising some numerals to 5/10

-        counting sets of objects using 1 to 1 correspondence

-        make a set of objects from a given number

-        attempt to write some numbers

-        recognise some 2d shapes (square, circle, rectangle, triangle)

-        use and understand positional language.

 Our topic is OURSELVES

We will be talking and learning about

-        Our Families

-        Our friends

-        Making new friends

-        Our homes and communities

-        Our school community

-        Sharing and taking turn with each other

-        Our likes and dislikes

-        Daily routines in school such as snack time, tidy up time, lunchtime.

Key person time will focus on friendships and feelings encouraging the children to listen to others and take turns in conversation.

 All our topic work is flexible and will often follow a particular interest of the children and so not all areas will be covered rigidly.

Come and See topics -