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Autumn Term English and Maths

Over the Autumn term in Maths, we’ll be covering the following;

  • Counting, partitioning and calculating

E.g. Hundreds tens and units, ordering numbers, adding & subtracting two digit numbers and counting in tens.

  • Securing number facts, understanding shape

E.g. Counting in 2s 5s and 10s, halving and doubling, the properties of 2D and 3D shapes and problem solving.

  • Handling data and measures

E.g. Presenting data in a variety of formats and using a range of measures.

  • Calculating, and measuring.

E.g. Applying calculation strategies to real world problems and telling the time to the quarter hour.

  • Securing number facts, relationships and calculating
E.g. Multiplication, grouping and number problems.

In English we'll be covering the following:
  • Poetry: reading and discussing poems that have sound patterns or set out on the page in a pattern, writing rain poems
  • Traditional Tales: reading, comparing traditional tales, discussing villains and goodies and writing a version of a tradtional tale where the goodie is the baddie and the baddie is the goodie
  • Familiar stories: reading, discussing stories set in schools, shops, homes, writing stories , using connectives and time markers
  • Instructions/Rules: reading and discussing firework safety codes, writing and recording firework codes for the reception children