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Another busy week in Year 3...

Year 3 have been doing fractions in Maths this week……. Very challenging !!!! One thing that will help your child is knowing their tables better…. So keep practising. We have been finding fractions of whole numbers, for eg;
4/6 of 24. To work this out follow these steps;
1/6 of 24 =4   (how many 6’s in 24)
Multiply this answer by the numerator (top number)
4x4 = 16.   ENJOY.
My Maths online will help to reinforce this subject too.
Thursday is world book day, so celebrate by doing some extra reading with your child. We will be doing some fun activities  to enhance their love of reading and books.

Children should have all their uniform labelled , including P.E kit, especially jumpers and cardigans which they take off in the milder weather and lose!!!!!!
All the children reieved ashes today with a blessing from Father Joe and Deacon Paul. Please encourage and discuss the importance of this special time of year in our Church’s calendar.
We also began our IPC topic this week on ………… CHOCOLATE ……  a firm favourite  for both staff and children ( a challenge  for those who have given it up for Lent !!!!)