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Anna's Amazing Multi-Coloured Glasses

In Year 1 we love reading 'BIG BOOKS' and over the last two weeks we have been reading, Anna's Amazing Multi-Coloured Glasses. In the story, Anna finds a pair of multi-coloured glasses at the bottom of her garden. When she puts them on she discovers that they are magical, every day she sees things in a different colour and new friends appear. Last week, we had a great time 'hot-seating' Anna, using mime to create an experience and making our own multi-coloured glasses. Earlier this week, we wrote invitations to the characters in the story inviting them to a party. Today, we went outside wearing our glasses and we discovered that everything had changed! The grass was blue, the trees were candy-striped, the bushes were triangular and the daffodils looked like yellow teacups and saucers! When we went back into class, we wrote sentences about what we saw and tried very hard to use adjectives. The story is really helping us to remember the days of the week too.