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Able Writer's Course at Liverpool College

We arrived at about ten o'clock on the minibus and went into the Scriptorium (library!) We were greeted by Mary, who is an author. Children from Liverpool College and St Anne's joined us for the day.


Mary is a non-fiction author and likes things like volcanoes. We read some of her books as we waited for the other schools. We were going to write a book about animals and everyone was going to write a page each. We each got some photos of our animal and had to think of some captions to go with them.


At lunch time we sat on the benches outside and ate our lunch. Play time was great fun and we played in the fields.


We got back into the Scriptorium and started to write. We each got an A3 piece of paper with lines and caption boxes to write on. In the end we all put our paper together to create a booklet. We said goodbye and thank you to Mary and got back into the minibus. Everyone had a great day and lots of fun!


Sophie, Year 5