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A Week in Year 3

This week the children have all been working hard on their mid-year assessments. We will be continuing our printing so hopefully all the children now have their painting overalls in school-this is a very important part of their school uniform.

Friday is UNICEF Day and the children are allowed to wear their own clothes if they wish but must bring in a small donation to help with the work of UNICEF. Please give this your full support. The children will take part in a variety of activities with the theme of the day being School for Change.

In Year 3 we had a discussion about St. Blaise who is the patron saint of sore throats. Any one attending Mass on Monday would have had the option to have their throats blessed.

The next R. E topic talks about Sharing. We read the story of the Stone Soup and then discussed what implications it had for us. We also discussed the need to share our belongings with our brothers and sisters around the world who are living in desperate poverty. The children wrote a poem about Sharing.

Next Tuesday is E-Safety Day when we will be looking at how our children can stay safe whilst using the internet. Again, there will be a variety of activities all with the same theme of ' Staying Safe.' This message is very important in today's world. We would ask you to check that the games your children are playing on the X-Box, computer and Wii etc are in their age range and therefore suitable for them to play on. Many of these games are unsuitable for primary aged children. We rely on your support in this matter.

Next Tuesday and Wednesday are Open Nights and we look forward to speaking to you about your child's progress. Please return the letter which requests the day you would prefer as soon as possible because it is very difficult to match up times with the other year groups your children are in.

Thursday is Bike It Breakfast when the children are allowed to come into school on their bike or scooter and will be given their breakfast. Then we break up for a well-earned rest.