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6V Spellings 4th February 2013


4th February 2013



Learn the following spellings.

Use a dictionary to write a definition for each spelling.


The prefixes AERO, AQUA, CO/CON, CONTRA, CRED, DU and HYDRO/HYDRA all provide additional information about the words that follow them and have Greek (G) or Latin (L) roots.


  1.  Aeroplane (G)
  2. Aerosol (G)
  3. Audible (L)
  4. Audience (L)
  5. Concave (L)
  6. Coincidence (L)
  7. Contrast (L)
  8. Contradict (L)
  9. Credible (L)
  10. Credit (L)
  11. Duplicate (L)
  12. Duet (L)
  13. Hydrofoil (G)
  14. Hydrogen (G)
  15. Hydrate (G)
  16. Aquarium (L)
  17. Aquatic (L)